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  • What is your refund/exchange policy?
    If you wish to exchange or return for store credit, please notify the return within 7 days of receiving the product with a note of reason and I'll be happy to do so. There are no cash refunds, only exchanges or store credit. All items must be returned in unused condition. The individual is responsible for return shipping costs. For any additional question don't hesitate to contact us.
  • How long does shipping take?
    Shipping can take anywhere from 3-7 business days after your order has been received and processed. We will confirm once your order has been received and send a tracking number once your order has been shipped to you.
  • How long will my waxed chain last?
    Typically, up to 450 miles of dry open road use. This will be noticeably longer on the track, and shorter in the rain or in extreme temperatures (+40 °C). After this period, you can send your chain back to us to be re-waxed.
  • Do all chains come with a quick link?
    Yes, all chains are supplied with a quick link.
  • Do you post outside of the UK?
    Yes, we will happily ship anywhere in the world. Please contact us for a postage quote.
  • How many links in a chain?
    There are 116 links in all our chains.
  • What are the differences between racing and training chains?
    The training chain is a slightly lower rated chain rather than the race chains top level YBN SLA. The training chain it is a YBN S chain and the race chain is a YBN SLA chain, all YBN chains are still top rated for longevity and weight There are some differences in the wax coating, the training wax coating has a few less additives in to make it more affordable to run a wax set up for everyday.
  • Can the liquid was be used on our waxed chains?
    The liquid wax was designed to be used with our waxed chains to top up and prolong the need to immersion re wax it.
  • Shall i send the quick link with my chain to be rewaxed?
    No please keep this with you and do not send it back to us.
  • How do I apply the liquid wax?
    Shake well before use. Apply to a clean chain and leave overnight. As with standard drip lubes apply librally to each roller and link on the chain and allow to set overnight.
  • How do I clean my chain for re waxing or applying the liquid wax?
    Place the chain in a jam jar or small tray and cover with degreaser or methylated spirits and leave to soak for 24 hrs. Brush chain to remove grime and grease, remove and wipe down with a rag. Place the chain in a clean container, cover with degreaser or methylated spirits, leave to soak for 24 hrs, remove and wipe down with a rag. Clean cassette, chainrings and derailleur pulleys before installing chain.
  • How do I re wax my chain?
    Items needed to carry out home chain waxing. Small crock pot/slow cooker Old coat hanger fashioned into a hook Some old cloths Gloves Step 2 - Wax your chain You will need a slow cooker, clothes hanger fashioned into a hook, oven glove, somewhere to hang the waxed chain, something to catch the drips. Put wax into slow cooker Thread chain onto hook Put lid on slow cooker and set heat to high When wax has melted aggitage/stir the wax Place chain on hook into slow cooker and put lid on After 20 minutes, agitate chain in slow cooker and replace lid After a further 20 mins Hang chain to cool Break links (articulate to loosen wax bond) before installing chain on bike
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