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Introducing our premium liquid wax chain lube (100ml).

The ultimate solution for all your cycling needs. Our formula has been specially crafted to provide your bike with maximum protection and optimal performance. The liquid wax penetrates deep into your chain, creating a long-lasting lubrication that withstands even the toughest conditions. Unlike traditional oil-based lubricants, our liquid wax lube is dry to the touch, preventing dirt and grime from sticking to your chain. Say goodbye to messy chain lubes and hello to a clean and efficient ride. Try our liquid wax chain lube today and experience the difference for yourself.

NRG Liquid Wax Lube (100ml)

  • Shake well before use. Apply to a clean chain and leave overnight. Keep out of direct sunlight and store between 10-30˚C. 
    Keep out of reach of children.


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