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Each chain undergoes a 7 stage ultrasonic cleaning process before being bathed in a race wax after which it is dusted with NRG low friction powder to reduce drive train friction yet further. The result is ultra-high drive train performance for around 450 miles, after which the chain will need rewaxing to maintain its peak performance.


All chains come with quick link supplied.

NRG SRAM Force Race AXS 12 Speed Race Chain

    • Ensure the cassette, chain rings and jockey wheels, are thoroughly cleaned and free from grease and oil.
    • Install NRG chain and run through gears.
    • It’s normal to see small flakes of wax deposited on rings and cassette.
    • Ride and enjoy a mechanically efficient drive train.
    • Do not lubricate or clean between rides; simply apply the supplied NRG race powder with a small brush.
    • Do not power wash, scrub or rub chain.
    • Typical life of NRG coating is approximately 450 miles. After this mileage, the chain can be re-NRG-waxed or lubricated with a traditional, less efficient lubricant.
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